And why it matters.

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“Yes, Grandad might say the odd outdated thing but nearly everyone knows that gender stereotypes are nonsense — it’s one issue that’s pretty much sorted,” said a young man opposite me.

I was at a work event and I was heavily pregnant with my first child. I was trying to see if the buffet was out while appearing to listen intently. Humpty Dumpty was starving. The conversation carried on around me and I wondered if he was right. I didn’t give it much more thought as I saw sausages gliding past and I made my excuses.

Since then I have…

And why we should talk about this

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A young man recently filmed himself being a model bystander when he saw a creepy guy making a woman very uncomfortable. He pretended he knew her and gave her an excuse to walk away from the guy bothering her, for which she was clearly grateful.

Most women have had a similar experience to this woman.

Most women think it sounds trivial when they describe it. It’s often not the words spoken, it’s everything else. It is hard to explain how the atmosphere, body language and tone of voice made the situation feel ominous. …

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“So guys, going forward, we need to literally just focus on actioning this and building out some contact leads to get this into the pipeline.”

I am in a work meeting. I am baffled. I gather that Dave (the man talking) is clever. He must be to have become so senior, right? But what is he talking about? I think his last comment meant ‘let’s contact our colleagues to help us with an idea’.

Why is he using 20 words when ten will do? Why does anyone? Something happens when people are at work. …


(My husband thinks I shouldn’t. Am I doing this right?)

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This post is an entry in Modern Parent’s “Am I Doing This Right?” writing contest.

In March 2020 the country shut down, the death toll shot up and shops were emptied of food and loo roll. Things had got freaky. The kids suddenly went from happily sharing snot ’n’ spit with other kids to being housebound, sharing every sticky moment with just me and my husband.

I thought we should not tell our kids we’re living in a bad apocalypse movie, even if we are. My husband disagreed. He thought we should just tell the kids the whole truth and…

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Now, let’s be clear: I don’t keep obsessive daily logs in exercise books of how I’ve been wronged by the patriarchy. But nor do I believe that gender inequality was killed by shoulderpads and the Spice Girls in the 80s/90s. Sexism is not simply a near extinct beast, only spotted once in a blue moon when a man over 60 calls a barmaid ‘Sugartits’

I picked out a few personal examples of gender stereotyping or sexism against women AND men. None are breath-taking or law-breaking (well, maybe one is). …

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